Brandon Kenny

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

Being a strong believer in doing what you love and loving what you do I feel no greater reward than helping others. In this industry I am able to do just that by helping homeowners go solar while also helping the environment. Theres no limit to the positive impact we can make on the world if we all work together.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

I started with Apricot Solar in January 2021 so I am still very green in the industry, pun intended, but Im a quick learner and already exude a vast understanding of its components .

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

I come from an extensive background in banking and customer service so I pride myself on giving great overall customer experience. Im told I have a great sense of humor so with me always plan on having more than few laughs along the way. My passion centers around physical fitness and leaving a positive impact on mother nature.