Reyn Hornwood

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

Hi, I’m Reyn Hornwood (Reyn rhymes with Ben). I am a southern California native, and live with my wife and two boys in Manhattan Beach California. While in college I lead small groups helping the environment at Sustainable Works in Santa Monica, and after graduating UCLA I worked as a investment company project manager, and later worked up the ranks eventually running a team in commercial real estate for about five years. During that era, I went solar on my home and loved the savings, and the people that did my project. I never thought that I would now be helping other homeowners go solar, but it has been a great fit for me. My passion is to help the environment, save homeowners money, and ensure excellence in seeing that the project is done correctly. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, working out, working on rental properties, traveling, landscape photography, road bike riding and coaching families to be debt free. My wife and I are also active in our church, and have been coordinators in leading our churches children’s ministry.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

I started helping homeowners switch to solar in January 2020. I’ve had many families from all over California, from San Diego to Sacramento take back their power from the energy companies and start building equity in their homes. I have also been fortunate to have many talented people on my teams, training and ensuring that their homeowners go solar. Apricot is not just a company. We are a family that cares about each and every family that decides to go solar. I will walk you through the process as smoothly and quickly as I can making sure you understand the process. My goal is to help everyone go solar!!!

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

I can make friends with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. I once walked into a sushi restaurant in West Los Angeles, struck up a conversation with a large African American football player, Who offered me sushi and I ate it off of his plate.