Alex Victoria

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

My experience in Solar has been exceptionally informative, exciting, and adventurous. I started working with a company called SEC, where I learned the fundamentals of how solar works. Soon after, my good friend Zack Souza influenced me to join the Apricot family. He explained to me the benefits of working with Apricot vs. other solar companies in the industry. While working for Apricot, I’ve found a completely new and innovative outlook on Solar. I’ve been able to build many great relationships with homeowners from all across the Central Valley. Being able to help homeowners save money and educate them on the benefits of going solar is what makes this job so incredible. I wake up every day, set and execute my daily goals efficiently and effectively, while also having a smile on my face. Apricot has made this experience truly amazing, and I’m blessed to have found a company like this.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

Working for Apricot has completely changed the trajectory of my life. Before Apricot, I worked for a well-known furniture store in my home town for three years. I was able to afford a decent life for my fiancé and I, which allowed me to purchase the ring she wanted so I could propose, while also being able to provide a beautiful apartment and a reliable vehicle. After three years, I found myself at a dead-end, and I became motivated to find something better. My fiancé’s stepdad had mentioned to me that his friend owned a company called Solar Energy Collective (SCE) and would like an opportunity to sit with me. I decided to move forward with SEC and to leave my old job behind. Fast-forwarding through SEC, When I found Apricot, I took the opportunity and have been happy ever since! Dave Bengal is one of the kindest, generous, and most humble people I have ever met. He treats every single person in Apricot with equality and the utmost respect, regardless of position. Dave is an incredible owner, and I’m happy I get the opportunity to work for Apricot Solar.

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

I’ve been weight lifting for six years now. I believe working out has created a different outlook on life for me. It’s created a more positive mindset and has allowed me to continually push myself to new heights in every aspect of life. Things I once thought were not possible to achieve, now seem possible. My drive and ambition have all come from working out, and I strongly believe that because of God and the gym, I wouldn’t be where I am today.