Caleb Roach

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

Hi! I’m Caleb Liloa Méndez Roach and I was born and raised in East Side Las Vegas. I am an Ex - Folkstyle Wrestler, Ex - Cellist, and an Ex - Martial Artist, that is now a Solar Advisor here to help you with any of your energy needs.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

I have been a Solar Advisor ever since I graduated from high school, and it has been and will continue to be an adventurous, unpredictable, and enjoyable experience and I’ve loved every second of it.

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

I was born with only one functioning kidney so if anyone has an extra kidney lying and sitting around give me a holler! And whenever i’m not bettering the planet I love to better myself in the gym as an inspiring body builder ( Stress on the inspiring ! ) .