Chris Boyer

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

Apricot Solar is the perfect company to offer sustainable and renewable energy solutions. I lived in California and generated leads with home inspections in the real estate industry. I have since moved to Arizona and is where I reside for the past 2 years.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

I recently joined Apricot and am so thankful to be part of an amazing team. I have always wanted to do my part in reducing our world's carbon footprint. My goal is to show homeowners how to save money and take a big step in the right direction for their family's future.

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

I love to travel around the world; I have been to 19 countries and have no intention of stopping there. My favorite countries are Germany, Croatia, and Brazil. Some of my hobbies are visiting national parks, being outdoors, and hiking. I like to explore as much as I can and make friends and connections wherever I go. The pictures and stories I have will last me a lifetime.