Juan Suavita

Solar Advisor’s Unique Personal Statement

I am so proud to be part of a movement which will change the world and how energy is used. I firmly believe Apricot is developing something amazing here. Before Apricot, I worked in the HVAC sector. Now as a passionate Solar Advisor, I pride myself in being a leader in my community and making an impact on our society.

Solar Advisor’s Renewable Energy Experience

Having worked in heating and air conditioning, I understand that saving electricity and more specifically, money, is the number one priority for homeowners. As a solar advisor, I have completed rigorous training to create solar models that address a homeowner’s needs, while keeping costs low. I’ve always been fascinated by the solar energy movement, and am grateful to be on a team with Apricot, whose values exhibit quality for the customer.

An Interesting Fact About the Individual Solar Advisor

In high school I loved to collect coins. There are several rare coins worth some serious money. What started once as a search to find a 1943 silver penny, quickly turned into a hobby and quite the collection. Besides pennies and solar panels, my passions also lie in weightlifting and soccer.